Northern Harrier by Jekawrig
Power - Great Grey Owl by JimCumming
On Approach by Isfleming007
Juvenile Ibis Displaying by quincyfloyd
Swans at Bass Lake by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
Hummingbird Pollination by jmatzick
Car show by Redjule
Sight Set by questforwildlife
Wingspan of Seagull by rachmonte
Hawk Grab by adavies
Between the Posts by questforwildlife
Winter landing by DSCan
Osprey With Catch Of The Day by artiste9999
taking flight by clareparsons
Look at my wings... by bhanukiran9
Coming in for a landing. by Bruz
Incoming by smunited
The Builder by Basciano_Photography
Wingspan by TLien
Osprey Landing by lablue
Osprey Watching Me by lablue
Female Osprey in Flight by lablue
Hummingbird & Cana Red copy 4 by marthab063
Osprey with Fish by lablue
Black Cockatoo In Flight by jstgoxo
Landing Reflections by Maria_Lynn08
Swan Ceremony by annvanderlaanadema
Seagull Take-off by snowdon
Heron in Flight by lablue
 Female Osprey Flying by lablue
Bird of Prey 03 by Trudie
Female Osprey by lablue