Jays by deannefortnam
He went thataway ;-) by Jamie-MacArthur
Majestic Elegance by Pamelabole
Wings... by candidqueen
3 Graylag Geese by adriansart
Keeping his perch by keithviklund
Cardinal Conversation  by tonyahurseyboyd
guardian angel by kostanashvili
Hovering Hummingbird by ron7cal
Bittern by sagarag
Fairy Queen by sachasutherland
Monarchs Gathering by KatieMcKinneyPhotography
Swans at Bass Lake by Jenna_Lynn_Photography
"Frozen Dinner" by Basciano_Photography
Feeding Time by Stanley_Photog
Wing Spread of a Bleeding Heart Pigeon by quincyfloyd
Watching you! by noellebennett
Hummm by thejerd
Blue Jay in Flight by candiscamera
Yellowstone Black-Billed Magpiie by Harmo
all for one... by nikon1
Butterfly Beauty by Basciano_Photography
Pelican Take Off by chriscousins
Harris Hawk  by Mother_Nature
Hummingbird Pollination by jmatzick
My private helicopter by azimronnie
Carpenter Bee by sagarag
The top of the food chain by brentmorris
White tailed eagle by AlexanderArntsen
Small Bird  IMG_6000a by Neckbone
Bird Attack by Laurie_Madsen