Horizon Community by snowdon
Wind Power by Dollarshots
Powered by Wind by markcote
Perch by aphotogenicworld
Standing in the wind by Dragos_Pop
Moreton Shore 27062018 by Argentiere
Wind Turbines in the Santa Cruz Mountains by PSJPhotography
Typically Dutch II by sandrakorb
sunset of the wind by stefanotieni
Moon and wind turbine by MIsabel
Agricultural Field, Australia by Helen_Mountaniol
Recharge Your Batteries by TheLittlePhotographer
The Triwings by Bilderschmied-Danz
WInd Turbines by coleenlindstrom
Wind turbines at sunset. by kayclare
Skegness by daveappleby
Wind Turbines by PaulPersys
Wind Turbines on a hill by brightchic1
Wind and Waves by snowdon
Wind and Sky by MattCoulson
Don Quixote's Giant Army by cramerimaging
sutherland-the highlands-scotland by reginaldgargaro67
Cormorant Perch by snowdon
Rayne's Quarry Jetty by snowdon
Green energy by petristeyn
Wind Turbines_0248 by Targetair_Images
patricia ann photography windy source of controversy by Wimzical
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The Fisherman by adriansart
Wind Turbines at Sunset by brightchic1
Old and new by Mikey_BiBi