Here's looking at you kid. by Woombaway
Wedge-Tailed Eagle by Ozscapes
Watercolour Wedge-tailed Eagle by wildpainter
Wedge-tailed Eagle by wildpainter
Wedge-tailed Eagle and magpie by roarphoto
Wedge tail Eagle 1RJ4838-2 by Reggaeh
ace wedgie by trevorsmart
Proud Wedge Tailed Eagle by DanMac
The Eagle has landed by Beetle_007
Wedge-tailed eagle by trevorsmart
Wedge-Tailed Eagle by Kim2Wright
Wedge tailed Eagle by PeterCannon
The Wedge-tailed Eagle ... Crop number 3 off the Original shot.  by leckie45
Wedge Tailed Eagle by trevorsmart
wedge-tailed eagle by DonnaRacheal
Wedge-tailed Eagle youngster portrait by janmartin_2127
Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Tasmania, Australia by SueClarkPhoto
Fan Out by andrewjackson
The Wedge-tailed Eagle B &W  by leckie45
Wedge-tailed Eagle-6@Healesville VIC-Nov 2013 by FotoTeknix
Zorro, The Wedge Tailed Eagle by Melstar1980
It's mine go away by trevorsmart
Entering the arena, the Wedge-tailed Eagle has landed ...  by leckie45
The Wedge-tailed Eagle ...  by leckie45
Apex predator by NaturesProphet
Wedge - tailed eagle by barryfeldman
Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax) by janmartin_2127
Wedge-tailed Eagle by ChannonR
Wedge-tailed Eagle flying through the bush by janmartin_2127
Wedge-tailed Eagle_Deeragun_ 14072015_001 by willwatson
Wedge Tailed Eagle (1) - Darwin, Australia by JosetteHalls
Wedge-tailed Eagle in flight by janmartin_2127
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