Period Weapon by michaelsawyers
RIMG5527clothes peg  by MERCEDESS
Contrast by philipdrispin
Tank at USS Alabama Memorial Park by dforand
WOMAN with GUN by stanfellerman
Solider by OlegErmak
military might by reinasmyth
Tread by shaunmichael_9629
Gun, Grenade & Jack by Chuckysphotography--EK
2017-12-10_13-47-20_460 (2017-12-13T20_52_45.556) by Okie_Bred
Civil War Cannon Firing by macropixel
Kandi K by andrewkatsaitis
Broken Future by kierankerrigan
Medieval by Sorin_Opreanu
Redcoat ft Ava by andrewkatsaitis
Prized Possession by sandiedixonwatkins
Wonder Women - Keely (2) by FightGuyPhoto
Helicopter Gun by gherd100
Snowy Warfare by atticus_w
Wonder Women - Anna (1) by FightGuyPhoto
Before we won the war. by Ketys
My revenge by JenLioness
Wheel repair by cameralens
sighted in by jefffrazell
Marry. by Freemonk
Gettysburg Cannon Sunset by boldfrontiers
John - 6569 by markberrigan
Dawn Salute by christopherbrearley