3244  Cedar Waxwing by geoffcaddy
Cedar Waxwing by robbiegallant
Happy Waxwing by mleary333
Cedar Waxwing by coreynimmer
Cedar Waxwing by PaulMurphy
Juvenile Cedar Waxwing  by OutbackPhotoAdventures
Waxwing #001 by anders_samuelsson
In the Crab Apples by rocko6
IMG_8948 by FMarlatt
Cedar Waxwing in the Yard by philipdrispin
Cedar Waxwing by pixterimages
Waxing Moon by trascoe
waxwing by elliotpordes
The Acrobat by SusanL64
Cedar Waxwing-1 by DerrickSteeves
Cedar Waxwing by donmag
Cedar Waxwing by lucyyost
Cedar waxing flock by lucyyost
Feasting by johnsarich
Catch the berry by anterotopp
HUH? by garfieldmilne_5814
Perched by k-tizo
Cedar Waxwing by almartinez
IMG_0712 by josephsmith_4760
Three Cedar Waxwings by laurasilverstein
Cedar Waxwing and Holly Berries 02 by philipdrispin
He went that-a-way by cevert
Ceadar Waxing:-)  by sharischultzmccollough
the little bird 0 by rasanaga
Waxwing by jencm
Cedar Waxwing by jamesjohnston_3471