Lonely Tree by travisdaldy
Wanaka Way - cropped by Mike_MacKinven
The 'Lone Tree' Lake Wanaka, New Zealand by DaveCoxPhotography
One Calm Tree by RobJDickinson
B& W  Birds of Lake Wanaka  by michellemckoy
That Wanaka Tree by paulkleynhans
The voice of Wanaka by jamiemacisaac
Morning Coffee by dirkbadenhorst
Lone Mirror by SebastianWarneke
The Wanaka Tree by jacobmarsh
The Wanaka Tree at Sunrise by JudyPowellPhotography
Stand Strong by paulkleynhans
Sunrise at The Famed Tree by catburton
One Autumn Morning by Kevin-Jeffries
Foggy Wanaka Tree by iamcordz
Hannah's Tree / New Zealand by SebastianWarneke
Autumn's curtains by DanielKordan
Lake Wanaka Misty Sunrise by michellemckoy
A clear vision by MartinBisof
Willow Tree Lake Wanaka  by Vince_Pope
Lone Tree by JRosewarne
Lonely Tree by evgenyvasenev
Overlooking Lake Wanaka by amyth91
That tree by shaun_denholm
Levitate by dirkbadenhorst
That Tree by sallyG11
Purple Morning by hafizismail
Lone Tree Sunset by CoreyAnthonyPhotography
Lonely Tree by KimAndelkovicPhotography
Wanaka Way -  full Instagram version by Mike_MacKinven
That Wanaka Tree by petersutherland