Family Portrait by corradomariani
Polar Bears by mikedenyer
Just Out of Reach by Lori0469
Stretching the bear style by AnnuO
Say a little prayer for me! by AnnuO
What are you looking at? by AnnuO
Brown bear aka Ursus arctos by AnnuO
Bath Yoga Excercises by LajosE
first climbing by CreativeArtView
The Bear Refection by paulwild
Polar bear cooling down  by AnnuO
Endangered Polar Bear by AnnuO
Catching the carrot by AnnuO
Springtime Wellness by LajosE
Black Bear  by stefanschug
Male Brown Bear by Gahpir
Toothpick using Grizzly Bear whilst bathing- by Robson Smith by DRSmithFoto
nice catch by mlorenekimura
Female Grizzly Bear posing or is she Hungry? by TrekLightly
Black Bear heading my way! by TrekLightly
The haunter by ingomenhard
Brown Bear by Matador
I want some meat to eat by mlorenekimura
 I think I've seen a fish! by VEB1970
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