Amazing Weedy Sea Dragon by VictorHawk
Frog fish by alainmauviel
Clownfish with anemone by alainmauviel
Muse Quartet - Half Awake / Naiads II by CristianaApostol
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle  by LeightonLum
fire by visionartphoto
Angel on the Edge of Dimensions by VictorHawk
Nemo in Green Anemone by garybrennand
Nudibranch by MatW
The girl and the sharks by Lorenzoragazzi
LIQUID LOVE STORY by photoshooter
FUN IN THE SEA by photoshooter
Nudibranch by moodywoody
Great White Shark by LeightonLum
Sunshine  by LeightonLum
Swimming pool photo session by VictorHawk
Napoleon wrasse- Cheilinus undulatus by martarubiotexeira
Freediving the Blue by kimberlypark
IN THE SHALLOWS 2 by photoshooter
Anemonefish Life by heatherhillard
Great Barrier Reef corals by VictorHawk
Diving with turtles  by LeightonLum
Immersed in the springs by OutdoorFLcreations
In the stream by VictorHawk
Conch by dcnick96
Porcelain crab by marinuse
SOFT DRIFTING by photoshooter
RED Sea - Eilat 2015 by EitanBT
青蛇, 白蛇 - Green Snake, White Snake by dorischeung
Photo  by Jbacerra
Whale shark by LeightonLum
–  Bigfin reef squid –  Last night Chris Brown (my dive buddy) and I decided to head out for a night dive at Hermei elementary school in Longdong. Now, usually I have no luck with squid. They see me and swim off. But this night was (I think) my lucky nigh by wesleyoosthuizen