“Misplaced Confidence” They look to her for the answers, but she doesn’t have any. She stands strong while she hides. Shouldn’t she to know what to do? She’s supposed to have a plan. She always does! Today, she doesn’t. She never does... So she swallows h by natalieallgyer
el acrobata sin alas by MauricioSilerio
The Turtle  by KMTartist
Turt and Me by garybrennand
The muraena glance by Lorenzoragazzi
Floating dream by shamiracrivellaro
Nudibranch by MatW
Nudibranch by MatW
UNDERWATER BLUE by photoshooter
Great white by LeightonLum
Wally and me by garybrennand
Linz Cuttlefish by garybrennand
Nudibranch by MatW
Titan TriggerFish Balistoïde Viridescens by moodywoody
Scribbled Dragonface Pipefish Corythoichthys Instinalis by moodywoody
Transparent Shrimp by Greatwhitesean
Sharks circling resize by LeightonLum
Soft-coral-in-sunburst by tazdevilgreg
Water Monster by DWongPhotos
Underwater Dancer by VictorHawk
Endangered Honu by hitomisilver
Luna / Moon by CristianaApostol
Floating to the Bottom by karengaither
Underwater Turtle by heymeru
Nudibranch by MatW
School of fish by VictorHawk
Through the depth by VictorHawk
Great Blk and Wht by LeightonLum
Porcupine fish super macro by truetolifephotography
Ethereal by jxzel
In The Spotlight by Jimmy_Young