Lonely logs in the orange autumn woods by Hud1ai2
Christmas Howlers - Timber Wolf by JimCumming
Timber Wolf by JimCumming
Wolf Portrait in B&W by JimCumming
Light catcher by dmytrokorol
Timber Moose by HappyTree
Glenmoody by Brad_Grove
Timber wolves smiling by JimCumming
Bogue Inlet Pier at Daybreak by KennethKeifer
Timber Wolf by Janetbokeh
Keep Off by Kirbsta
Fenced autumn by dmytrokorol
Autumn evening in Petite France by dmytrokorol
4 Timber wolves in winter by JimCumming
Street cafe after the rain by dmytrokorol
Autumn meets winter by dmytrokorol
Opposition by dmytrokorol
The Chop by BorisToronto
forever... by FullRa
Timber wolf in snow by DanielParent
Let It Snow by djensen
Retirement by Brad_Grove
Slow Down by dmytrokorol
Autumn Behind by dmytrokorol
Evening in Schorndorf by dmytrokorol
Enchanted forest by dmytrokorol
Post by sallygravener
Rustic Rooftops by MsJudi
Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse by PI_Photography
Drift by wiz66
Broken by sallygravener
Sadness by sallygravener