Horseshoe bend by petermocsonoky
Lead by kasparsdzenis
Lone Tree in Bryce Canyon by ConorEgan
Durdledoor sunstar-2 by gesser
Sunlight by Zzyzx
Evening Stroll by kimpassmore
Butterfly Sunburst VB by DonLawrence
Field of Lupins by jxsnyder
Fairy Tale Woods by olehenrikskjelstad
Gasadalur by BorisBarabas
Fall Leaves by dakoch
Rancho Santa Rosa by justinlowery
Sunlight Golden by donnadymond_2377
Horsetail Falls by rheebird
Sun Star Tetons by callanravesloot
Fern Gully by mattpayne
Waterfall 3 by fzxtiger
Sunset Over the Sailing Ship by philipf
Consuegra Sunset by ander_alegria
Sunstar in the sunset by MatejaNjivar
Bright Light by FastHandPhoto
**Moffat Beach Light** by damianmccudden
Rising Star by DWongPhotos
Wheeler Lake and Mount Lincoln by mattpayne
Dryad Awakening by DWongPhotos
Gorgeous Sunset with Tyndall Effect by jsdeon
El Matador by Rob_Eakins
Barmsee by Woodstokkz
Tales from the Fjords by DWongPhotos
Busy Bee-ing Bees by JohnHPhotography