Thunderstruck by WendyHudnall
Evening Day Dreams by brendanwilliams
Cut Down by samanthawellsphotography
Dry Docked by Selswick
The Dry Lake II by JAMillsPhoto
Forest Path by ntgreen
Army of Stumps by Ed_Erglis_Photography
Where the Fairies Live by JoanCarsonMartelli
forgotten reminder  by Feeko77
Spurn_Point_Beach_Waves_East_Yorkshire by gilesrrocholl
The Dry Lake III by JAMillsPhoto
Boat 2 by Selswick
XSCJE1346 by FrancoisHorne
Clearing by dannyboyfraser
Duomo Santa Maria Nascente, Milano by Pjerry
Reflections in Meares Lake by deborahrobertswestoby
stumps at thornham,norfolk,uk by geoffhalls
Australian Bush by ImagesByLouisa
Dried Sea by mojito
Mossy Woodland by emacdonald
Pillars and downtown Manhattan by EduardMoldoveanu
IMG_2333 by FrancoisHorne
Flowing Creek by Madzebra
Common Loon on an Early August Morn by khalli
Blurry-Decomp by tkmac
Moss on Stumps by marnie333
The City that Never Sleeps 1 by EduardMoldoveanu
anacocowasteland by OgleBilly
Message_in_a bottle_Spurn_Point_Beach_East_Yorkshire_025 by gilesrrocholl
Sand Bar Markers by Magpie1960
Stump art by Elizane