The Church by sallyG11
St. Patrick's Well by benhull
DSC_0104-copy_edited-1 by margaretthomas
Staircase Tower (Church) Shireoaks. by trishzimmerman
Sint Bavokerk by kathykuhn100
Basque Shutters by derekcdonsworth
Infinity by Paul-Stapleton
Portal to the Heavens! by adriansart
Rainbow over Bodiam by adriansart
Stain glass beauty by VFPinternational
The Royal Border Bridge Berwick upon Tweed, UK by stevepl
Archways by Pete_Rowbottom
St Patrick's Well Staircase by benhull
Arches at Hindu Temple by DrPhrogg
DSCN3688 Old Settler's House 2 by rosemoyle
The Great Cloister by robatkins
Enter by RichardReames
Late Afternoon Light on the Old Lighthouse Lantern Room by BPLPhotography
0Q4A9339-001 by billymorris_2752
A Moment In Time by BPLPhotography
Abbey Walls by Ozbod54
Urban wall and door textures. by sharonmeyers
St Patricks Well Looking Up by benhull
Staircase and Garden by ladyincammies
Hat Stick by AndrewNygren
Old LightHouse by Toptruck
Bylands by Gyrohype
Aerial View of Malaga in the Evening by ansharphoto
Dunnottar Castle by HappyTree
Mile High Club by Shireensphotography
Levant Sunset by rogb999