Rope by jgnu
Beautiful capital by NonnaP
Seagull by mikaelsundberg
National Muesum by CanonDLee
Jason Tiilikainen - Passage Of Fire by Jason_Tiilikainen
Mårten Trotzigs gränd by andreaslindh
Stockholm Bird IMG_8781 by NFDI
Gamla Stan    Stockholm by annmor
Lead by MeganLeaPhoto
Jason Tiilikainen - Stockholm Cityscape by Jason_Tiilikainen
Gröna Lund Carousel by hunterhappaerts
stockholm in colour-15 by roos
Luminous by AndersESkanberg
Old_Stockholm by roysorenson
Between bridges. by AndersESkanberg
Watching Time Go By by LouiseW
Sunset Balloon over Gamla Stan by hedgehunter
StockholmMorning by JackHeald the shadow... by Verusdiligo
Ericcson Globe by PhotosbyJLR
Cave dwellers of the future. by Remco_van_Adrichem
Polish guys in Gamlastan by andriusukys
Hercules by petersachem
Sjövikskajen by andersgreen
Anna by zenabiz
The Kastellet (Citadel) in Stockholm by PatSalvadorDietrich
The stairs by CarpeImagos
gonfalon by Vygintas
The other side of Stockholm by Sweden12
Stockholm by night by timopetergrnlund