IMG_4142 by FotographyMafia
fireball by ThomasOrnKarlsson
Siluet by michelleferrans
The Ball of Fire by BiancaBechisi
Sparks over the Sea by JasperPhotography
Sparks will Fly by JasperPhotography
A beach bonfire with steel wool by rachelheimerman
Opening the Portal by ruthmckirdy
Lighting Up The Poles by gwestnz
When complementary colors do the magic by SimonaReverie
Winter Garden. by nikolaytrebukhin
Spinning Reflections by JasperPhotography
Steel Wool at the Family Park by balzsdobrn
Photo  by S_Pollard
Empty Tunnels by Adamgallier
Midnights light by charliehawes
Steel wool bauble  by ManusKnipsDings
steel wool and stars  by BarArtPhotographie
Cyclonic by simonwilson_1488
Steelwool spinning by wernervanzyl
In the Night  by globalpixxel
Anxiety by samerica15
Burning the Sunset by AlfonKlepon
DSC_0364_2 by balzsdobrn
Fire at the Church by amberdavidsonanderson
Umbrella-a-a by balzsdobrn
Play time by DanileHagbergJ
Through the alley by balzsdobrn
Winter forest full of surprises! by nikolaytrebukhin
DSC_8377_2 by balzsdobrn
Leith Water, Edinburgh by Jacques-Le-Roux