Man On Fire by danissumawijaya
Ring of fire by NicHume
Don't Try This At Home, Kids! by LisaBowmanPhoto
Reflectionizm by jaytee
Flame On by danissumawijaya
Steel wool by antonioomar
Harbor Nights With Rope And Wool. by JoshZed
They Eye of Mordor by TheLucidTruth
Lava Sparks by CreativeDragon
Steelwool between 2 trees by wernervanzyl
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Selfie negative steelwool  by wernervanzyl
Abandon ship!  by adaptive_kromatics
Bridge Spiral by tomkeller
friday night by hiitonyy
Steelwool spinning in wales (uk) by Miffta
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The circle of fire. by mattiabonavida
Fire under the stars by adaptive_kromatics
Real Steel by DaGhettoAttenborough
Hell's gate by randrytama
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Town Portal to Oslo Sentrum by balzsdobrn
Industrial Fire by AlexGaflig
Steel Wool over Mérida City by gonzalofernandez_7254
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Photo  by S_Pollard