happy halloween  by BrandenU
Fisheye  by JoeyRees
Steel and Sky by law222
Steelwool on Myrkdalen by 6415
Photo  by suzanneschneider
Light up your name JAY! by wanderer_005
Burnt by Hannah-Fay-1105
Lit Up The Night By Steel Wool by krishnavendraredeemuralle
STEEL WOOL by parthpatel_0172
Magnesium flare by Jazzygf
A Spark of Creativity by IgnatiusWirasakti
Steel Wool 2 by balzsdobrn
1-191-16 VFW sparks by photoamm
SteelWool-3425 by ekoprobo
Burn the Night by imamprimahardy
Steel wool photography by Adrian.V
Stunning Chicago cityscape and cloud covered moonlight serves as backdrop to light painting of the Chicago flag and wool spinning art by WayfaringProfessional
Steelwool  by Pagie
Steel Wool 4 by balzsdobrn
Chaos! by kyleferrow
Frozen fire by chrisoneill
Photo  by Gimmeashot
Reign of fire by Amey950
Steel Wool - IV by rajeevkashyap
Pier 14 San Francisco  by Tbird196669
Photo  by Sebastian_Herring
Sparks are flying  by ryandelaplane
Photo  by suzanneschneider
IMG_9159 as Smart Object-1 by shyamkumar
BOND OF STEEL by ayeitsmhykol
Lighttrails night :) by davidegaravini