Photo  by danni_b
spining sparks by RIKIRJ_NZ
Spinning fire by Si-s-place
Mega Spin, this was a first atempt at steel wool spinning for me, all in all it went quite well! Lots of fun was had. 20sec exp, f/5.8.  by TeamGlozier
Croissant Steelwool by tyjtan
Painting the night sky! by jeffditto
Aura Steelwool by tyjtan
Photo  by JoeyQ
Spinning on a Tank  by benrayner56
Choo Choo by BrandenU
Train tracks and steel wool by McElheran
Distribute light. by nikolaytrebukhin
Ghost Trains  by MtpFoto
DSC_8369_2 by balzsdobrn
Photo  by lukasphotography
Ring of fire II by Uli86
steel wool experiment  by suryakiranj
Fireball by FranciBarczyk
Old South Fremantle Powerstation, beach side bridge by TeamGlozier
Rings of fire by danlilly
Steel wool (1 of 1) by DanielJPhotography
low light by ariksm
Steel Waiting by markcecilziegler
Playing with fire by shanetaylor_2424
into the night by courtcrystol
Burning tree photo no.2 by wernervanzyl
Fire under Bridge #15 by justinkeys
Love steelwool  by michelleferrans
owl eye by ariksm
Steelwool Pyrotechnics (01012016) by owenkeithpaiva
f11 iso200 18mm [20sec by mohdnorsabree