Staffy Pup by Oziephotographer
BIG YAWN by SteveHowellPhotography
Buddy by AaronM
Rocky by mareebritton
Eyes by sallygravener
Joey by sallygravener
Joey at the park by sallygravener
Scardey cat by medijones
Dads boy. by AaronM
Watchful by sallygravener
chopper by gazza60
This is my cutie look! by sallygravener
King of house  by medijones
I am as cute as by gazza60
Selfie by medijones
blackace 7 by Tezzor
Bucca by medijones
Indi watching Tv by Oziephotographer
Black and White Staffordshire Terrier by lakesaperture
let us out by gazza60
Xena by sarahhamilton_2998
7 month old Staffy Pup by Oziephotographer
Black and White Staffy by Tezzor
Jax on the run by tanazcha
Shy by saraproska
Into The Soul by KatInAHatPhotography
Willis by lisaburston
12 week Staffy by Oziephotographer
Photo  by aliceloder
pele the poser by medijones
Blaze by Grannyanne
Bosun by kiwiamber