Sparrow-hawk by bebogard
Sparrowhawk by dougplume
Female Sparrowhawk. by Andy_Swinbank
sparrow hawk by ronniesharples
Sparrow-Hawk by Barbpsp4
Sparrow Hawk by Chris_Russell
American Kestrel by jamesstull
Kestrelqacfair8142014 by patticooper
Sparrow Hawk by ceridjones
Sparrow Hawk  by Bannekh
American kestrel by 1durango1
Sparrow Hawk by Argatykites
American kestrel, or sparrow hawk, at the PhotoWild event at the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC. I was told by one of the keepers that this little one puffs up when it’s happy by Carpemomento
Hi fans by mbgibson
Dinner by saralamb
Sparrow Hawk by Farmography
Sparrow hawk looking for  food by Grannyanne
Max by Argatykites
Hawk - Portland Zoo by jonathansamson
Sparrow Hawk by Mjw13gi
DSCN8885  The Imposter on the Bird table by Teazlewitzend
Falcon resting by ClaudyEskrick
American Kestrel Hawk by Imanaturenut
Sparrow Hawk by maelo
SPARROW HAWK by raulweisser
'Its a bit stringy' by jules1580
Breakfast-0961-3 by Brenda13
Don't even think about it. by dougmyles
Garden Visit of a Sparrowhawk by Grannyanne
Brazilian Carcará by cejoos
Sparrow Hawk and Chick. by maelo
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