New Zealand - Golden Sunrise at Lake Matheson by jacobsurland
Dozing by andrewsmith_5524
Painted sunset in Kruger by AnnuO
Chasing the Wild White horses by Helkoryo
White'n'Gold by Jannba
To the Top by Jannba
White lion and me by shamsamir
The ancient city of Machu Picchu, Peru by Laska
Country Road at Sunset by KendraKPK
Night of a Billion Suns by aaronjgroen
Gentle Giant in Black and White by hwood87
Enkoveni Lion 3 by Karl-Heinz
I see you by SilkeKapfer
Sunset Fisherman by cjlevendal
Ghost Riders by BonZeye
rustic memories by jwerkele
Geysers in Chile by kiramorris
Male Lion by brendondicks
leopard meets butterfly by truetolifephotography
South Dakota Freedom by patriciarustin
Cabarita Tree by SteveBadger
On the Broad walk by christineujones
I blinked first by MareeCardinale
Sky Painting by silviali
Hangin' Around by taylorfranta
Reflections in a Mt Sunday rain puddle by stewartwatson
Safe Port? by Adam_Burke
Fighting the storm by CathyWithers-Clarke
Burrowing Owls by Pamelabole
Geese heading South by photoflea