Paull sunset by petercundill
Lake Reflections by NunoPires
reading by AlexandraEne
Forest Fog by jameswheeler
Solitude by JustGarden
Lead by TonmoyAzad
Wanderlust by alexandermils
The island  by robgubiani
Lithuanian jetty in Dzukija region. Visited this lake in the morning expecting to have a beautiful light, but I got a pretty nice foggy conditions instead.  by Carlosmacr
Fisherman by HooverTung
Kai Iwi Lake Morning by iamcordz
Long Road to Monument Valley by larrymarshall
Dew Lake by brentreynolds
Lake O'Hara reflection at Dawn by PierreLeclercPhotography
Majestade! by GkCM
Winnie by savannahdaras
Hoarfrost by GracefulFoto
Dartmoor foal  by tmtburke
On the wrong side of the lake by HappyMelvin
Our view changes day by day, but the main theme is the same. by LifeForcePhotography
*** by danielchorup
Photo  by TammyN
Cold and Silent Solitude by Yayo-Billy
Hilltop BW by NunoPires
Leaving the Ice Palace by belchertownphotos
On the wrong side of the lake 4 by HappyMelvin
Leave me alone by GkCM
They lied to me by HappyMelvin
Sunset at the Reservoir Park by GkCM
The path I must walk..... by TammyN
Red Umbrella by lawrencetoscano