Snowy Cathedral by Michael_Shake
First Snow by AnjaChooPhotography
DSC_0106-1 by CeCePhotos
Tasting Snowflakes by beetlestone
Superstition Winter by wayneslandphotography
Let it snow by Natasha
Rooster Covered in Snow by RLP073
Mystic by Michael_Higgins
Christmas on Main Street by MGriffithsPhotography
After the Snowfall by mawee
Driving in snowfall by lyubomirstoykov
First Snow by AnjaChooPhotography
Market Square_Old Town Alexandria_December 2017-1 by rapowell71
Snowfall in Graz by DorisSeybold
Unexpected SnowFall by LaurieS
Lost by Eduard_Gorobets
Snow in Ohio by Moatsville
Towns in the Winter by AnjaChooPhotography
One moment before the new year by alexey_gorshenin
January Finale by MGriffithsPhotography
Snow covered forest by DariusPeckus
A Bridge Ahead by Tiggr
Winter Wondweland by Crazy_Little_Dreamer
Snowfall by shahzadnabeel
good morning! by alexey_gorshenin
Huddled up and waiting for the end of the snowstorm  by sar09006
Blue Jay by EileenP
Cold Path to walk on by sauravdutta28
Winter Wonderland by FawlsPhoto
Curiouser and Curiouser-Alice  by kalahhendricks
Snowfall at Dusk by christinebger
Nightscape by JulesK