My! What Big Feet You Have (Northern Pygmy Owl) by stevelarge
Alpine habitat  by ScorpioOnSUP
Snow_surface by haksu
Still Standing by GayleLucci
The Hunter by mcampi
Volcanic Sunrise by paulcarew
In the Forest Deep by kathykuhn100
The sun shines through. by billgardam
Red shouldered hawk. by frank_delargy
Goshawk by haksu
Squirrel_resting_place by haksu
Snag at Crater Lake by michael_lillie
The eye of the needle by billgardam
Another Point of View   by paulcarew
Great Blue Heron playing hide n go seek by marylane_1937
Old Man the Tree at Joshua Redux-35993 by misterscott
solitary by shema
Photo  by davidthullnerveljacic
Pair of river beasts in a fog. by Maksymenko
Dead juniper snag by randalpair
Red-bellied Woodpecker at His Nest by jasonhahn
Summer night mood by haksu
Mountain Skeleton by k-tizo
Dead snag of Ponderosa pine by randalpair
Ravens by haksu
In the bottoms by stevelemke
Buzzard Tree 168 by REMore
Almost Over the Hill by OzWald
Alum Creek State Park Sunrise II by scottezimmermann
Wild brown bear2 by haksu
Cities Watch by benjaminpowellphoto
vast view ... by footeprintart
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