Elias Beach,Skiathos by mirellacotella
Snacktime by victoriachristina
coke pour by keepsakesc
It wasn't me by johnthirkell
salmon and avoaddo hosomaki and california sushi by Josehidalgorichards
05102017-893-1 by billfriggle
Autumn sandwich by Roberto_Sorin
Whats better than this:-) by mettebruus
Melting Popcicles by keepsakesc
cookies2 by jadean65
Red grapes on the vine by debbieleonard_0108
Refreshing by carmengomez96
Sky Vue Drive In-Lamesa, Tx. by Jerry123
Powdered Doughnuts by jwjohnnybgoode
Bunch of fresh,red Tomatoes by banubalaji
Afternoon Snack by emilyannealmodovar
Times Square Snack Bar by NikonKenny
Just Want to Thank You by dianne_baker_6667
Fresh Italian bruschetta, still life by denysskorikov
Single Cherry by photosbykathys
UUUmmmm Vegan Pizza! by howie516
Little Pilot 6 by allisonsoltis
mozzarella cheese bread and tomato base dipping sauce.  by jacobjohnleyba
Healthy snack by Tamaramar
Ritz Tower  by avipravianti
Miss Dakota! by laminin
Stack of cookies by WijnandLoven
07072017-264-1 by billfriggle
Eggburger, rustic style, shallow focus by denysskorikov
A little Wine and Cheesecake by fredstein
Martini by donnabarnes