Roosting Short-Ear by stevelarge
Sunset Owl by alanpeterson
Rest Brake by redsled84
The "Launch" by petermurphy_3021
IMG_1514 by garrychisholm
Short-eared Takeoff by alanpeterson
Sort Eared owl hunting by dario2004
BZ7B6893 Short eared owl by Fiskaren69
Silent, He Watches  by shawnvoloshin
Shiva by freew8
Dinner for one by Sigurjon
Short eared owl by deaneades
Short Eared Owl by WilyGuy
May I have that Vole? by alanpeterson
Short Eared Owl by paulh
Short eared owl by deaneades
Flight copy by Dan_Kinghorn
The Wise One by nina050
Diving Owl by alanpeterson
Short-eared owl on post by JimCumming
Short-eared Owl_5362 by Targetair_Images
Owl in Flight by edhendricks
A Short-eared owl in flight by vbpetercheung922585511
short eared owl by Scotth0205
Owl Fight by alanpeterson
Short-eared owl by lmr337
Short Eared Owl 3 by edhendricks
Short Eared Owl by iesphotos
eye-contact... by Grollie
fully concentrated... by Grollie
short eared owl by rjb8267
Short Eared Owl by Briser_fae_the_broch