lost by Diana_edis
IMG_1785.small.bw by oscar711
Sadness; Love past it's prime by robbyticknor
The great loneliness by RoyBruno
Photo  by tepidautumn
Floral Sadness 0730 by ThomasJerger
Vendredi Sanglant by LookSee
reflection by RLariza
Sorry by tonyawilhelm
Self portrait, sad woman by dreamerjl83
Hug Away The Pain by TawneeCOfWanderingEyes
Tantrum by KDRphotography
Lonely in the dark. by Kireev
Ghost tree by isabellatabacchi
Utter despair by antonybarbour
Twisted Truth by bryonygrainger
OXIDE  by LeniMas
What we sell just to be part of the routine by Kavanthekid
Emotion by ricardowilliams
Jenny by barbarabrock
too many tears, darling.... by olganicolaeva
Can I Be Saved? by SarahSwin
Emotions by jacquisjonger
Behind Closed Doors by rossglasgow
Captured by Mystique_Studio
Green sigh by gianphotography
Stuff I Love About Hockey . . . Mo'Vember by stuffAboutHockey
Sadness by mmontenegro
Ag by SamGorski
still alive..... by ashif_hasan
Don't Want To Watch It All Fall Apart by tpruessner