No words....except, <3 by mere5oh
Series "Aquiver" by LxxK
Citrus fruits slices stacked together by MikaJC
Westbury White Horse by rogerworrall
dead trees don't need the sun by josephferrara
Stables at Kenilworth Castle, UK by letTheColorsRumble
By the power of raw by CobsPhotography
against the great big blue by josephferrara
when the dusk sets in by josephferrara
Grace: Natural Beauty by FGHeron
Raw Ginger by Scott_Williams
RAW by alessandrointini
dead trees don't need the sun by josephferrara
Hard Life by mypixelmagic
Peekaboo! by lensvoodoo
wild thing by JoeDarkflash
Osprey with a fresh catch... by bhanukiran9
Toadstools On A Toronto Trail Reflection No 5 by thelearningcurve
What'cha lookin' at? ????  by NickEggert
Flower in Rain by abhi6teen
Exploding Forest by DaveMarkelPhotography
Photo  by jehoiachim
One of my personal favourites. by Photodreams
Red hot by ReaVasic
Dreaming about the Extraterrestrial Highway by peterthoeny
Pomegranate. by juannel
Mallory 20160910 246 by dontetidwell
Chris by HENSHAW_photography