Rousing by docdpp
Caracara takeoff by adriennemac
cloud maker by pauljoinson
Cool by michaelstephens
Golden Eagle by mjollnir
The air raid by brentmorris
Short-eared Takeoff by alanpeterson
Broken Wing II by tgroman
Little Owl by chris_smith
project 52 week 33 by chrisjarvis
Feed me! by wklein
Bald Eagle Portrait by jimhoulbrook
Short Eared Owl by alangriffin
owl's eye by ActionEagle
Merlin With Kill by HigginsR
"Soar" by Basciano_Photography
The Gift by lszlpotozky
South Platte Red-Tail Hawk by native5280
Osprey with catch by JARepetto
Not for the Weak by bryonworthen
Red Shouldered Hawk by BFinkelstein
I got a good one today by ianrobins
Bald Eagle with Salmon by billklipp
Short Eared Owl by alangriffin
Falcon Crest by scottdere
Kestral by jaybirmingham
Snowy Owl, head on by DSCan
Barn owl by JanSmithPics
Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) by chris_smith