Afu' - British Shorthair  by whiteshipdesign
Australian Shepherd by DavidMonty
silence by Rebruk
My eyes not see by genchopetkov
Close-up of Boxer by stacysmith
Charlie by Michelle_Noilene
Simon The Horse by MsJudi
Photo  by rebecca812
portrait girl and dog...  by Doncila
Homeless little cat on stairs by Roberto_Sorin
Brindle English Bull Dog Puppy by LindaDLester
Get In Line by highflyer
Ginger Relaxing by Fester13
brown friend by memlin
Portret of Maurice, the Scottish Fold by whiteshipdesign
Filbert by avitheartist
Gunner by lmevans
murphy master mono copy by martin0810
Common eider duck by Michaelmeijer
IMG_5545 by memlin
Purebred Arabian Horse by clandestino
"The sunrise in her eyes" - Afu' by whiteshipdesign
Cody in Black and White by morningmagenta
Nestle by santanasweetland
Eager Beagle by morningmagenta
Cute kitten reflection by cirilmonteiro
Puppy vegetarian	 by Elijah_sad
Under protection by mariaitina
Afurisita (Afu’) - British Shorthair by whiteshipdesign
Maurice - The Scottish Fold by whiteshipdesign
Look at That Face by Gena30
pug puppy by RLariza
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