Female Snowy owl on fence post by DrPhrogg
Mothy Figure by BLSFotografia
Nkoveni  by jozi1
Profile of a Bateleur Eagle by adriansart
Youngest granddaughter by vsidles
Beak-licking good by mortenross
Screech Owl Portrait by Skykink
Double Vision by havabunga
Monarch dive-in by sigridbh
Toulouse Goose Profile by Bazz
peacock by DaveSnow
A Chestnut Mare in the Night by BARoland
Life is often best appreciated by walking your path one step at a time. by Brandonkidwell
Deana by ORB-Photography
Denisa-Slip-Standing-STAN0779a-800 by The-Venerable-Stan
The Drifter by kylere
incandesce by Jenn81
Eagle Stare by ShadowmacPhotography
profile by mcannavo
dreaming of summer by AnneDphotography
John by Pix6
Only the Hat Knows by Chiaroscurist
Sunshine profile by martyleclerc
IMG_8665 by ismeghead
bold street style by jefffrazell
Tala Portrait by robatkins
Ford Elliot by nicholetomjanovichquinn
A sitting rufous-tailed hummingbird (Amazilia tzacatl) by johannesoehl