The Stare by alanwsmith
Great grey owl by tmtburke
Lion Cub by KayBrewer
untitled-2187 by philnilsson
Daddy Owl Looking for Food by sarahwray
Sight Set by questforwildlife
Portrait of a Predator by denizen1
Screaming Eagle by ehunter
Silent Predator by GBloniarz
Hawk  by tmtburke
Jump! by lmr337
Bath Yoga Excercises by LajosE
Timber wolf (Canis lupus) portrait closeup in winter snow in Canada by JimCumming
Bal eagle by Sangur
Preparing for Liftoff - Snowy Owl by JimCumming
Eyes to Eyes by EuroBen
Leopard by naturesart
Wolf Portrait by stefanschug
American Bald Eagle Calling by rhamm
Side-lit Great Grey Owl by JimCumming
Cutie Pie Audax by skeeterarnold
Feeling Stumped by questforwildlife
Run, Ripley, run!!! by Bastetamon
Leopard Yum ! © Brian Basson Photography by BrianBasson
Cheetah 500 Run - 3 by FaithPhotography
Baby Bald Eagle by natetimko
Black leopard  by tmtburke
I Saw Something Interesting - B&W & Cropped version by Discover_Abruzzo