Barn owl in flight by melissapapaj
The Golden Gaze by Gilbert
White jaw by florentduchene
Sumatran Tiger (2) by phillecren
The Lynx a beautiful secretive cat  by andrewrundgren
A Big Girl! by jozi1
AM Visitor by GBloniarz
A Snow poses for me! by David_Pavlich
Daddy Lion And The Boys Playing by KayBrewer
Falcon Gaze by SparkofHawaii
Dancing Cheetahs by lmr337
The Pose by jozi1
Happy Swimmer by LajosE
Take-off! by jozi1
Posing for his portrait by MrJBond
The King by laddiehalupa
Predator and prey by stevepl
Great Egrets by Lopez_01
Black Chested Buzzard Eagle by rhamm
Moving tail by EuroBen
Bateleur Eagle by kathaggiss
Mongolian Wolf by Kris_M
Target Set by charlielynam
Brown spots in the green! by Giulia_avanzi
Spotted Hyena & Pup © Brian Basson Photography by BrianBasson
Botswana Leopard by jozi1
Vilma the Barred Owl by RMBphoto
Dark leopard by mauritzchristiaanjaneke
Curious eyes by EuroBen
John the Lion by leastickel