Australian saltwater crocodile by JohanLarson
Burrowing Owl takes flight by Gilbert
 The Boss Calls the Pride by KayBrewer
Simply white by NickSW
Osprey by tinawiley
fennec fox or fennec (Vulpes zerda) by Michaelmeijer
THE COUNCIL by Cobble-Art
Head of Female Bald Eagle by rhamm
Barred Owl by John_Ray_Photography
Wolf pack brothers  by vladcech
Twinning - blue-tailed bee-eaters by angad13
Whistling Kite by Burnettj
Great Horned Owl by RMBphoto
Caracal focused on the hunt in Addo Elephant Park, South Africa by BrianBasson
A red fox by josefpittner
Pop goes the weasel by Foxyphotos
Cheetah by shamsamir
Tiger Drink in Black & White by ChixPixPhotography
"The Fisher King by The-Art-of-Darkness
Eurasian wolf in snow by vladcech
DSC_0628 Wolf 1 by Cinderellastory
Male American Bald Eagle by rhamm
The queen's by CreativeArtView
Bald eagle by chris_smith
The Lioness  by KayBrewer
Sumatran Tiger (1) by phillecren
Croc on the rock  by arjunramanujum
Chinese Alligator by Michael_Shake
Ferruginous Hawk, or, Osprey by GBloniarz
Cat by Click_Here