Leopard Kill + Flies Botswana © Brian Basson 2014 by BrianBasson
Peregrine Falcon - Day 2 - 4 by BendTheLight
Eagle owl 72 by tmtburke
Snowy Owl by eggimann
The Cat... by Gilbert
~ Morning Prayer ~ by HenrikSpranz
Fisherman by JoAnneRobbinsSmith
Cheetah  by charlesjorg
European lynx by Sangur
WolfLick by Harmo
Screech Owl by KLovejoy
A Glimpse into the Eyes  by JTurk
The Leopard Sits in Wait by KayBrewer
_BWF0204 by Beardog2003
reflection by dmitrysamsonov
Leopard Kill © Brian Basson 2014 by BrianBasson
Praying Mantis by macropixel
Canadian Timber Wolf  by stefanschug
The cat on the prowl by Gilbert
African wild dog by charlesjorg
"Shy Guy" by The-Art-of-Darkness
The Golden Gaze of the Golden Eagle by Gilbert
Lion Walking  by quincyfloyd
A flash of feathers by Gilbert
Hovering kestrel by julie_cavell
A brown lion with it's mane by shamsamir
Nap time... by David_Pavlich
Sushi by RRcoleJR_Photography
Open your eyes by NickSW
European Eagle Owl by tmtburke