Photo  by aundreaderosethew
Bright Eyes by jessicabroussard
~All Dressed Up~ by Barbee
Best Friends Always Share by mitzisantana
Malia Faith Elliott by caleyemmers97
precious little feet by jreinerimagery
Friday Morning by jennyk816
Cat Juxtaposition by jennay510
Fashionista by danielagabay
Newborn by Kanishawalker
Chewbacha by dewood62
The Yellow Mam by TheEconomist
springtime fun with sisters by pauldrajem
The Gymno Flower Bud by TheEconomist
Queen of Butterflies by danielagabay
~Precious Sure Happy to Find Grass~ by Barbee
grandad by amymartinikopparbergcollopy
Love by MIsabel
A Shoulder to Lean On Forever! by JAStandring
Jewels from the Giver of Life. by AwehavenCreative
Future Bride by kylere
Lady A by nlhammondphotography
Red Panda by cheriejordan
IMG_1632 by FrancoisHorne
CS Precious Perch by mistygage
Just you and me, in this moment by meredithbowerman
Funky Hair by naomipickett
precious moments by dvanluven
Kitty by llyssfrye
The Laughter Fence   by isisrose
sweet dreams by billiew2904
Piper Precious by Wayne-Stadler-Photography