Turkey 022 by pietnel
Rooster by Tintinian643
Mr Rooster by carolyns
IMG_4432_edited by micHELL666
white wings by conniehumphreys_3889
Rooster by charlottesberg
Portrait of a Silkie Chicken by FeatherstonePhotography
Photo  by jillfisher_9872
I'm growing up by Beardog2003
Bald Eagle Headshot
 by jphipps
Rooster Crowing by phillecren
Cruisin" by PattiBaker
Chicken Eye by billgilbert
sebright_silver by Banie
Photo  by robfaubertphotography
Hey Ladies.... by Okie_Bred
IMG_0026-2 by genehyder
Runaway Hen by jstgoxo
Two Jakes in the Rain by Neckbone
Sunflower field by treyscarpa
IMG_2488 by Treecy
chicken by giordanoaita
A Chicken by aprillewis
Ostrich by Sonya_Oli4
Take_A_Gander_Laurie_Volk by Laurie_Madsen
Male Gobbler by thatunicorngal
Chicken Alex by chuckmyer
Mr Turkey by sandradoyle_3453
Photo  by LightworxPix
Looking Forward Toward A Brighter Future by ChristopherJepsen
Rooster And Hen by thatunicorngal
Chicken on Alexandre Farms by chuckmyer