Feral by juliegodinez-resch
Photo  by margaretthomas
 Nicobar Pigeon (Blue Feathers) by BLSFotografia
Owl on the look out by barbshenton
Barneveld Rooster by Joviaal
Duck family by americorocha
Photo  by pietnel
Mr. Rooster by luispintoribeiro
Quack quack by trudyremaly
Eye See You by dumbdrum
Dixie chick! by keepclicking
Street Art. by Lukekat
Peek-A-Boo! by JGMorlan
No I dont have a sunburn .... and I am also not Irish !!!! How can you even ask those dump questions. Please click on photo again to sharpen it more  by metoo
Mr Rooster portrait by carolyns
Cockadoodledoo!  by Sdonion
Impress by micHELL666
Photo  by micHELL666
Chicken run by davidianhiggins
Double Trouble by John_Ray_Photography
Large family by narahnarah
fledglings.  by Benedictgarness
Tawni Running by Bruz
Parakeets having a bath by 831John
Duck by Vahoskins
Photo  by RachelNiquette
IMG_2471 by Treecy
Photo  by RachelNiquette
Indian Eagle Owl by Donbbk
First one up by micHELL666