The dance Competition by tahirabbasawan
The Icelandic night by Iceland
Autumn mirror by dmytrokorol
Wedge pond sunrise by weirfang
White night sunset on a Swedish lake by dmytrokorol
Sun Relector by dominicbakarich
The watering hole by mbernholdt
As smooth as a millpond by Riekkinen
Cattle Egret by RobbieRoss
The Shipwreck II by billpeppas
Looking for the Sirens by dmytrokorol
Japanese Garden by lindapersson
Pairs Figure Skating by diversionphotography
Morning fire by dmytrokorol
Lake Bondhusvatnet by dmytrokorol
Old House by ryananta_yossy
cheerful autumn... by grandpa_Vlad
Antigua Boatsheds by GkCM
Sky Bridge by debcoimages
Photo  by cassioea
Blue Ridge Reflections by kathykuhn100
The door to infinity by Riekkinen
Osaka Reflections by davecurry8
Cattle Egret by RobbieRoss
Verulam lake at night-2 by SURREALIMAGE
Splashdown! by PaulMurphy
an elephant's legs... by grandpa_Vlad
"City Pond Sunrise" by Kaisaleephotography
Mount Taranaki by KyleBardenPhotography
Playing in the sky again by jamesrushforth
Calm morning on Lonavatnet by dmytrokorol
Volcanic Dawn by zachishtain