Perfectly timed excitement by hobnob_453
Photo  by LisaAnnD
Playful Bear by SapphireRose
Bubbled by Mega_Milio
Elegance and Art by CRPhotography
Bright Beauty by CRPhotography
Happy Life by khalabunge
Photo  by mirandakaymcgovern
The friendly Sheep by SpottedGold
puddle play by ZealousPhotography
F8791E50-99FE-4865-B872-68BEF1100B76 by gd2016
HMS 8.23 (29).JPG by heathersmith_6064
Fun in the sun ☀️  by mckenziearrington
HMS_4445.JPG by heathersmith_6064
Sister love by AdiesPhotos
Otterly handsome by Gilbert
A Friend  by GoldenGlassDoll