Ziggy Portrait No 1 by thelearningcurve
Gentle Falls by karen49
Cardinal at Wyckoff Wild Center by toshihiro_shoji
Wire-Tailed Swallow by KayBrewer
Monkey baby procted by mother's long tail by toshihiro_shoji
More Tha a Memory by phil1
Yellow chrysanthemum by toshihiro_shoji
River Ogwen Bridge by adrianevans
Cheerleader silhouette by Mom-Mel
Longing to Return by phil1
Market Street by jenteeisme
Everlasting Support by naumanziabutt
Broken Antler by tikidianne
Don't move! by fabioazevedo
Wet, lying in the Lake by CSDewittPhotography
Minutes before the sky burn by evgeni_ivanov
Red is the Rock by LastScenePhotography
Lower Eagle Falls by tikidianne
Dutch Scenery by MalefijtFotografie
The Roads We Take by phil1
A Gorgeous Morning On The Port 12 26 15 by JoyceDickens
Ogwen Boat House by adrianevans
'Pat Austin' by toshihiro_shoji
The greater flamingoes by tahirabbasawan
Follow Me by phil1
cat by naumanziabutt
Guidance by HappyMelvin
Vintage Harley by HappyTree
Although a bit of a trek, this sensational view from the top of Montokuc was worth every bit of it. New favourite place discovered. Montokuc is a peak on the beautiful island of Mljet, just off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. I definitely cannot by LastScenePhotography