Cedar Waxwing by John_Ray_Photography
Female Cardinal by KayBrewer
 Humming Bird Perching by charlespfohl
Chipping Sparrow by philipdrispin
American Goldfinch by Aphrodites
Blue-Bellied-Roller by FrankSomma
gold finch by ismeghead
The Goldfinch by KayBrewer
Yellow-rumped Warbler by Aphrodites
Long eared owl by davejoicey
Victoria Pigeon  by FeatherstonePhotography
Perched Redwing Blackbird 1 by chrismercerimages
Purple Finch, female by peggcampbell
Redpoll by peggcampbell
Purple Finches by Aphrodites
Yelow-rumped Warbler by Aphrodites
Winter Blue by EyeoftheLens
Juvenile Spoonbill, late afternoon. by KatieWStewart
Common Grackle Perched by Aphrodites
White-throated Sparrow by peggcampbell
Red-Winged Black Bird With An Attitude by Doodogs
Starling by Brakenjan
White Crowned Sparrow in Golden Light by Aphrodites
Merlin by peggcampbell
Pine Grosbeak by peggcampbell
Purple Finch by Aphrodites
Plovers on Playalinda Beach  by chrismercerimages
Redpoll by peggcampbell
Delivering an ''S Bomb''  by chrismercerimages
Fox Sparrow in the Ice Storm by peggcampbell
Perched Redwing Blackbird 1   by chrismercerimages
Rufous Cibia by mamtabhatt
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