DSCN7861  Further Adventures of Ratty by Teazlewitzend
Close your mouth when you chew! by leslieboren
Nutty for Nuts by sheen33
A Child’s World by inge_vautrin
For the love of peanuts by paulcollins_1204
Squirrel by naomipickett
Sunshine and dust by oobreemartens
Squirrel by naomipickett
Cardinal Red by sandystevenskrassinger
Heaven In Dessert Form by tpremo
Cotton picker sunset.  by oobreemartens
Nuts & Spices at Brenda's Stall by katydid1
Peanut by samanthawellsphotography
Blue jay by MichaelV
Risk of taking some peanuts :-) by RVDaalen
A collection of peanuts by sandystevenskrassinger
Toasted peanuts in bags by Luigi74
BlueJay  by naomipickett
Buffett by billmartin_2615
Jay pinching the peanuts by carlasears
Blue Jay 2 by montse
Jay in a ring  by dougmartin
Got a peanut by naomipickett
feeding time by rickwilkinson_3800
Little Buddy by JBellPhotography
Chipmunk enjoying peanuts (IMG_6116) by LuciaH
coal tit by rickwilkinson_3800
Peanut Stalker  by lisaladouceur
A Collage of birds  by leslieboren
Blue Jay with Peanuts by jeffphotog
Blue Jay by rachelhaas
DSC_1143' 'CHAFFINCHES FEEDING' by cardwell