Curious Blue Jay by SabrinaHaywireartist
Full Cheeks by naomipickett
_CGW9735_watermarked by Christographer
Takeoff  by AWSMCHCK
Blue Jau by montse
A Red Squirrel by craigmcghee
Addicted To Nuts by sheen33
The old farmer by BAKZ_Photography
Beauty and the Beast, Close Encounter 3 by Photogirl73
Strike a Pose! by CherieWhite
John Deere Tractor by oobreemartens
IMG20181231141100 by andreyacorbusie
Chippy! by AngT
Ice farm by oobreemartens
Leaving Peanut Dust Behind Him by leslieboren
Chickadee on Peanut Feeder by jeffphotog
Soil Surfers by jonsheer
Feeding finch by MDPortrait
Lucy 20160104-IMG_2249 by Westie
Squirrel  by dawnvandoorn
Morning at the hotel by JenLioness
Young Longtailled Tits by Offshore50
Peanuts by Tzmndvl65
Chipmunk and the peanuts by PThomePorto
Curious Titmouse by donnamaillouxirvine
The Red Bellied Woodpecker Enjoying Peanuts by KolbeB-9
How does this work? by sandystevenskrassinger
Lunch break by dougmartin
peanuts  by nickdifi