Polka-dot background with a honey-cake owl and napkin by Bastetamon
curly by behzadrad
Seville Cathedral Ceiling by averycarter
Duck garden by tmtburke
The Chief by ClaudiaKuhn
All is bright by jes_photography
Snowmen_0355 by FMarlatt
Art Deco Icon-Lalique Rooster by ADesign
Just before the snow came by anneliehgberg
The Magic of Christmas by AnitaHogue
haridwar by arpansud
Photo  by countryside
Renewal by RichardReames
Abstract Composition #95 by morriskleyman
Playing with color and shape by anneliehgberg
Christmas Lights by ZeLuiz
Blue balls by trainwoman
Almond blossom by americorocha
_MG_0095 by charlesdpeters
Shiny by trainwoman
Also playful by MichaeljMansell
Santa's Surprise by Phillip_Ward_Photography
Photo  by tony5158
My Pink Tree by RickB500
Cute background with a honey-cake rabbit by Bastetamon
Egypt Beauty by behzadrad
Photo  by Meenykay
New Orizon by FredGramoso
Santa_9988 by FMarlatt
Lights on!  by rekahalaszi
IMAG0883 Vase by mhaeri