Setting sun at Nk'Mip Cultural Centre by huwddu
Lotus buds and oil lamp. by RuwanFonseka
Fragrant Offering by tinekeziemer
Floral Offering 3 0327 by ThomasJerger
Flame by QEllie
Offering 1101 by ThomasJerger
O F F E R I N G   O N E S E L F by bloomybloom
lost by Diana_edis
Naked bust III by WLS_Seeadler
Saraswati (Knowledge) Day, Ubud, Bali by ZandraWolfe
Desert rose by StaceyS
Naked bust I by WLS_Seeadler
Rooftop Offering by fredstein
Moon Thief (BW) by kylere
Naked bust II by WLS_Seeadler
Morning Prayer by vsriram2aug
Remembering the departed (Pitru paksha) by maneeshkaul
the offering by premalpatel
A Fall Offering by SarahSwin
Thai Offering Bowls  by shawnvoloshin
Offering by RichardReames
Offering  by mabbimages
The Offering by Steve-Pond
Golden Glow by trevormills
Photo  by Kollogov
The Ritual by luvCanonRebel
fullsizeoutput_e70 by FrancoisHorne
Mating Ritual by Kim-mareeJenke
Will You Be My Valentine? by Kollogov
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