Wide edition of Northern lights boom by zlimmen
Skagsanden Aurora by johnygoerend
Dancing lights above one of many icelandic waterfalls. Instagram.com/mattb_st by mattbenham
Reflecting  by valeriasig
A night in Sildpollnes by Alinaphotos
In a hurry  by valeriasig
northern lights by Andre11
Green sand? by johnygoerend
When The Sky Exploded by damonbeckford
Otertinden, NORWAY by Eventyr
Blue hour Auroras by damonbeckford
Mystery Lights in the Nevada Desert by ChrisVanLoan
Aurora bow by JohnPElvan
Winter camping in Norway by damonbeckford
Framed Vestrahorn by Potz
Kirkujfell waterfall by tuomasjuntunen
Illuminate by valeriasig
A night in a cave  by damonbeckford
Northernlights Factory by steintommyjohansen
A bridge over not so troubled waters... =) by SiggiPhoto
In the line of green fire by GulliVals
Northern Meteor by GigiJim08
Icedream by maurocirigliano
Lost in Iceland by samikohonen
Aurora borealis by bennyhynes
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Amazing Aurora painting the sky by christiantrustrup
aurora borealis by JBramerPhotography
Solar storm hits earth by GulliVals