Sunset on ice by BorisToronto
Northern Flicker by PhotosByJEM
Aurora Borealis by BRIN
Cardinal and Snowflake by deannefortnam
Sunset in tundra by dmytrokorol
Loving Gannets by JADUPONT
The Flip Side by Tor-Ivar
The Milky way and the Solar Dance by douglasdrouin
Ice Cave by MarshallLipp
Redbird On A Stick by oddballz
Aurora Bridge by joniko
Green hills of Vesteralen by dmytrokorol
Northern Lights from the inside of an old barn by FranciscoBAguilar
Rays Of Light by carstenmeyerdierks
Time by wayneslandphotography
Harvest Sunset by richardmcaleese
While you were Sleeping by reneedoyle
White night in Nordkilpollen Cove by dmytrokorol
Man and his Dog by BorisToronto
Church Bells by BorisToronto
Under The Moon by MarshallLipp
Northern lights in Norway by CharlieNowlanPhotography
A Lonely Road in the Fall by DonHoekPhoto
Dryden Pulp Mill by BorisToronto
Kata-Tjuta Landscape 1 by TwoCatsPhotography
Nightlife in My backyard by Brownacres
Northern Lights Alaska by peterruprecht
Lightshow by hopecarlin
Sky on fire by Jonrunar
Lighthouse Sunrise by MourneMountainMan
Winter Sundown by BorisToronto
Under the lights by SarahBeer