Mocking Bird by thejerd
Crabapple Delight.   The Northern Parula Warbler in the Crabapple tree. by NatureinLight
Pigeon Point Lighthouse by DonHoekPhoto
Before She Goes by PaulKilleenPhotography
Northern Harrier by HigginsR
Northern Flicker Feathers by deannefortnam
Beyond the clouds by MaryMarino
Northern Cardinal (female) by Shutter_Bay_Photography
Preening by MarieLianne68
A Night to Remember by SiggiPhoto
Iceland moss by Bastetamon
"The Beyond" by ericbennett
Aurora March 24th #1 by PhotosbyJLR
IMG_1168 by sarathvitala
The Dark Hedges by Daniel-Photography
The Sunsinger.  Where highlights dance with the shadows. by NatureinLight
Pintails Departure by nina050
Vikivaki by BRIN
Derelict Bridge by richardmcaleese
Seasonal Renovations by questforwildlife
The King's Path by gkossieris
Cyprus Avenue Fog by KarinaB
Colors by thomaskast
Electricity by PaulKilleenPhotography
Uluru by Ozscapes
Grand Canyon by wayneslandphotography
Northern Lights over water by JimCumming
The Other Side by stephenemerson
Catching Lights. by SiggiPhoto
Strike! by janetteasche